Elephant is one of the attractions in Travel industry. We are also conducting elephant activities for our guest. These activities include ride, safari, feeding, bathing and painting.

Elephant Related Activities

Elephant Ride at Amer :

One of the highlights of a visit to the stunning Amer Fort is the chance to ride an elephant up the hill to the main entrance. These wonderful animals are decorated with traditional painted patterns and effortlessly transport visitors up the steep slope to the fort. The Amer Fort elephant ride is fantastic experience.

Elephant Safari :

Morning /afternoon or evening at a private estate near Amber Fort to get away from the noise and bustle of city life. You can go on elephant-back safaris through the nearby countryside. The Aravalli hills are the oldest mountain range in India, formed by a Precambrian geological event 4500 million years ago. The elephant safaris are conducted in the Aravalli forests surrounding the camp and follow a route through villages, agricultural fields, hills and old monuments. Birdlife in the thick forests is thriving. Antelopes and Jackals are in abundance. Although Panthers inhabit the Jungles they are not sighted during the day. Occasionally the Hyena and the Wolf have been sighted by guests.

Feeding Elephant:

The elephants love Bananas & Sugarcane, feeding elephant by the client can arranged..

Elephant Painting:

Elephant painting will be one of the most intriguing part of tourist visit. As when you paint them you will experience of a big live canvas.
The colors we use are water colors as easy to wash away keeping the skin of elephant safe.

Elephant Bathing:

The day of elephants begins with a shower by their respective Rider [Mahawat or Mahout]. Here you can also take participation and bath them with the help of pipes under the guidance of the Elephant riders.

Day spend with Elephant:

A day can be arranged including all elephant related activity such as ride/safari/ feeding /painting & bathing under the guidance of professionals.

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