Hadoti (हाड़ौती), which was once called the Bundi Kingdom, is a region of Rajasthan state in western India. The biggest cities are Baran and Kota. It includes the districts of Bundi, Baran, Jhalawar and Kota, and is bounded on the west by the Mewar, on the northwest by Ajmer regions of Rajasthan, and on the south by the Malwa, on the east by the Gird regions of Madhya Pradesh state.

The region of south eastern Rajasthan lies between Malwa Plateau in the east, Aravali range in the west and Marwar plateau in the west south side, on the border with Madhya Pradesh. The major river is the Chambal River, with its tributaries Kalisindh, Parvati and Chakan. The soil is alluvial.

Hadoti (हाड़ौती) : Bundi-. Pratihar Meenas is one of the sub-group of Meenas. They are mainly found in the region of Bundi city. They were the initial builders of Bundi wich was named after the King Bandu Meena. In ancient times, Bundi was called "Bandu-Ka-Nal." "Na"l means "narrow ways." More recently the region is governed by Jaita.

Many historical and tourism places are in Hadoti Region. Most popular places are Bundelkhand,Orchha Temple,Kesar Bagh,Gagron Fort,Barabagh and many more.

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