An age-old way of travelling and time pass for the Maharajas, the kings, princes and nobles, it was practiced in India for centuries and is now revived for visitors and horse-lovers. Let us take you into a whole new world, vibrant and extraordinary. Encounter with us the colours of Rajasthan in this most unique and time-honoured way.

Let us introduce you to our special royal Marwari horses, an ancient breed of warhorses whose history is entwined with the history of Rajasthan and the Rajputs. It is rightly said that “one cannot separate a Rajput from his horse” and there is a saying: “If God did not create the horse, he would not have created the Rajput.”

This makes it quite clear what a role the horse played and is still playing in Rajasthan. The cow is holy but the horse is divine and still serves as a symbol of strength and wealth. So a visit to Rajasthan is a visit to a horse country of the finest order. In every village a fort can be found, in every village some horses can be found. And even in these village horses, often thin and over-worked, one can still see a former gleam of royalty in their eyes.

Horse Related Activities

Horse Ride :

Combining the pleasure of horseback riding and the enjoyment of experiencing the cultural highlights of Jaipur and around, our Riding holidays are a perfect blend. Stay in a comfortable hotel in Jaipur, go sightseeing in the morning and come out for a ride in the afternoon. Transportation and guidance will be provided. You decide your program and we make sure that you will have a gorgeous time with us in Jaipur.

Horse Polo :

A polo game is played between two teams with four players on each side. The members are designated as “attack” or “defense” and each has the job of furthering their own goal tally while preventing the other side from scoring. Most of the rules were established to keep the riders and horses, often called ponies, safe. Teams line up, in numerical order, opposite each other. Then an official begins the match with a throw-in, the ball is rolled between the teams, and play begins. (Throw-ins occur to begin a match and to resume play after a time out.)
The line of the ball is a “right of way” established by the path of a traveling ball. Right of way occurs when a player has the line of the ball on his right; the player who struck the ball last has right of way. Riding alongside a player with the right of way is permitted, as long as his way is not hindered. The umpire primarily looks out for right of way and the line of the ball.
Teams change ends after each goal is scored to account for any wind advantage which may exist.

Horse Short Safari :

For those who want little extra with some guarded adventure of going through the rugged and rusty woods, to the slops of hills and country sides. Mounted on a horse, these guided safaris are a sure 'steal the scene' for your stay. Food and drinks are arranged from time to time for a comfortable and enjoyable safari. Come and join us for a royal adventure, a great regal tradition, a horse safari.

Horse Arena Polo :

Arena Polo is played with three players per team in an enclosure. A regulation game consists of three to four chukkers/periods of seven and one-half minutes each. Riders change horses at the end of each chukker/period.
The basic rules of the game are similar to those in field polo, and are concerned with the safety of the horses and riders. Arena Polo is extremely exciting, with many changes in direction, fast action and a great spectator sport. Arena Polo can be an excellent introduction to polo and many of the players start in the Arena. By playing in a confined arena, players feel more secure and with the ball rebounding off the arena walls, a player has more opportunities to hit the ball. Horses, while moving with quick bursts of speed, are more under control.

Polo lesson by professional

We have professional horse trainers and players. We provide our guest professional Polo lesions by our experts. During your travel you will become a polo player. So come and enjoy our lesions.

A Day spend with The Horses

We have complete day activities for horse lovers. They can spend time with horses. They can observe their whole day activities. Our experts organized practical session to provide horse lovers complete information about the horse breed, habits, strengths and training.

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